Trent Michael Stevens

Native to California, Trent Stevens has had a passion for photography his entire life. Trent grew up working his late fathers Photo developing and printing lab, giving him an ingrained background in the field. Trent specializes in high frame rate action sports with an emphasis on surfing and expedition media. In addition to photographing, Trent is an avid waterman and spends every minute he can outside. When not photographing and filmmaking, Trent focuses his efforts on philanthropy and community action. Trent’s work, travels, and relief efforts have taken him to India, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Haiti, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana, Chile, and most recently Nicaragua. Trent values hard work and is also an intense networker and believes that everybody should be treated kindly and with respect.


Surfer Magazine


Surf Session Magazine

The Surf Channel

Hippy Tree

Ventucky Co.


Surfer Magazine


Hydro Flask

1% for the Planet

Topa Topa Brewing Co.

Ventura Spirits

Harvest Cafe


Brooks Institute, Visual Journalism. 

NOLS, Patagonia

University of Colorado, Boulder. 

Non Profits



1% for the Planet

Hopestart International

Children's Lifesaving Foundation